Privacy Policy

You are now reading the Privacy Policy of our website We want you to know we respect your privacy and want to secure your personal information. Following is the Privacy Policy that reveals the steps we have taken to make sure your personal information. The Privacy Policy entails the options relating to the gathering, use and disclosure of your personal information.
By visiting the Site, you agree with the steps explained here in the Privacy Policy. You can access the site without giving your personal data and will remain anonymous until you create an account with us. The personal details taken will be relevant to our dealing on the Site and will be present under our sole observation and authority as long as the law requires it or we have the use of it for further dealings from the Site..

Collected Data:
We may have to gather different kinds of information in terms for you to place an order from our Site. We may collect personal details such as your name, gender, date of birth, address postal address, telephone and cell phone number, email, and payment details. We use this personal information whenever you place an order on the Site to reach you and deliver our product(s). Furthermore, this personal data will be used to carry out financial transactions in turn for purchasing our products and service(s). We may pass your name and address information to a third party) to deliver our product(s) to you. You must undertake to not let your personal information to be known to anyone else by your own mistake. We will not be responsible for any misuse of your account unless it is our lacking.

Various Uses of your Personal Data:
Your personal information may be used for market research and feedback for our products. Your information will not be attached with your name. Any surveys conducted from you will not be forwarded to any third parties. We may offer our products by using your provided details, but your anonymity will remain throughout.

Third Parties and Links:
We may have to pass your details to third parties involved with our venture in some instances such as delivering our products to you, collecting payments, and to analyze data in order to give us marketing or customer catering assistance. We will in no way risk your personal information by giving it to third parties outside of the agreed-upon privacy policy here.

Security measure has been taken for better protecting your banking details in your personal information. The data we collect is stored in a secure server and we protect with highly active firewalls. Our security measures include occasional request of proving your identity before relaying your personal details. You are liable for protecting your account.

Cookies are not necessarily required to use the Site, but the cart option of our Site must make the use of them. Cookies are small text files used to store your PC’s unique Internet Protocol addresses and other past usage data of any site, in this case our Site. They are free of viruses and do not contain personal or private information. This website uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, which use stored cookies or text files on your computer to know how a user uses a site.

Your Rights
You have the right to ask for the personal details which we may store or process about you in case you are worried that your data is unsafe or is being misused or you are just curious of how we use it. You also have the right to ask us to not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes at any time.